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ADI is starting a new case management system. Temporary delays in claims processing can be expected.

October 15 criminal and dependency brownbag on Elimination of Bias, featuring panel attorney Johanna Schiavoni.

Fax-filing replaced by e-filing in Fourth District. ADI's news alert provides some details.

Important new address information Effective June 2, 2014: Appeals and Appellate Division of the San Bernardino County Superior Court.


Panel News Alerts

Important rule changes effective January 1, 2014: habeas and other writs, sealed and confidential records, recycled paper, multiple signature, signatures on electronically filed documents, electronic reporter's transcript.  

Proposition 36 (PDF) Limits to life sentences under Three Strikes law.

Cruel and unusual punishment for crimes committed by juveniles: Mandatory LWOP and sentence exceeding natural life expectancy.

E-submission of documents to court does not provide documents to ADI or AG. Choosing the option of "cc: E-mail Address" sends a receipt for the filing to recipients, but does not attach the document itself. Counsel must serve that separately.

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