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MCLE Credit Notice

All ADI MCLE activities provide both MCLE and LSCLE credit in the field of Appellate Specialization.

In order to comply with the State Bar MCLE provider rules, a certificate of attendance is available only if you attend a seminar in person or listen online to the presentation. If you personally attend the seminar, please remember to pick up a certificate of attendance while at the seminar. If you attend the seminar online, you may print or download the certificate at the conclusion of the program. Your certificate will also be emailed to you the same day after the program concludes.

If you listen to the recording at a later date, your MCLE credit is classified as “self-study,” and a certificate of attendance is not available. You may earn self-study credit only for seminars that were recorded within the past five years. The State Bar has a Personal MCLE log to record your MCLE credits.

If you do not receive your MCLE certificate or have other questions about our programs, contact