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About ADI

Dedicated to improving the quality of indigent representation on appeal.

Appellate Defenders, Inc. was the first project office formed under the Court Appointed Counsel Program. Our office provides administrative assistance to the Fourth Appellate District Court of Appeal and assists court-appointed counsel in criminal, juvenile, dependency, and mental health cases.

Our mission is to ensure quality representation of indigent parties appointed through this program. In fulfillment of our goals, ADI recruits and trains a panel of private attorneys, reviews and classifies cases based on complexity, recommends appointment of counsel to the Court of Appeal, provides direct case assistance, and develops resources and training materials for court-appointed counsel. Our staff attorneys directly represent clients in select cases.

Our office is located in downtown San Diego, near Little Italy.

To learn about our formative years, see ADI’s History.

To learn how to join our panel, see How to Become a Panel Attorney.

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