Online Research

Links to online research subscription services and other sites.


Westlaw is offering a discounted rate to panel attorneys who sign a one-year Westlaw contract, so long as all work performed on Westlaw pertains to cases appointed through ADI. There are two plans, Westlaw Precision and Westlaw Edge. If you are interested in more information, please contact:

Mike Toolson
(602) 790-8569


For information about the plans and rates, contact:

888-AT-LEXIS (Please mention your ADI affiliation)
OR (enter affiliation in the inquiry section)

Other Research Tools

  • San Diego Law Library:
    The library provides electronic resources to the public, including Lexis and Westlaw.
  • FindLaw:
    The Findlaw site provides links to a wide assortment of legal resources and has relatively easy search functions.
  • Harvard School Library:
    This site provides links to a wide assortment of legal resources.