claim Guidelines

Communications 3.5 hours
Record Review 50 pp/hour
Extension of Time 0.5 hour
Augment 1.5 hours
Other Motions reasonable time
Appellant's Opening Brief  
Statement of Facts 1/2 record review time up to 10 hours
 Briefed Issues  
• Very Simple up to 4.0 hours
• Simple 4.0 hours
• Simple/Average >4 hours and <8.0 hours
• Average 8.0 hours
• Average/Complex >8 hours and <13.5 hours
• Complex 13.5 hours
Unbriefed Issues  
• Low Simple up to 0.5 hour
• Simple 0.5 hour
• Simple/Average >0.5 and <2.5 hours
• Average 2.5 hours
• Average/Complex >2.5 hours and <5.0 hours
• Complex 5.0 hours
Reply Brief    1/3 AOB recommendation
Supplemental Brief AOB issue standards
Review of Opposing Counsel Brief 2.5 hours
(0 hours if Wende)
Habeas 12.0 hours
Petition for Rehearing 6.0 hours
Petition for Review 10.0 hours
Other Petitions reasonable
Response or Answer reasonable
Review Response reasonable
Reply to Response 1/3 of the petition time
Oral Argument 7.5 hours
Travel reasonable
Review Opinion 1.5 hours (0.2 hour if Wende)
Administrative Tasks   1.0 hour (line 22; only on final)
Other Services    
Review Superior Court File 2.0 hours
Consult Project 4.0 hours (assisted cases);
2.0 hours (independent cases)
Misc. reasonable
Associate Counsel    same as attorney rate
Photocopying $0.10 per page
Postage actual, if reasonable
Telephone actual, if reasonable
Travel state employee travel rules
Computerized Research ordinary research not compensable
Paralegal/Law Clerk $25 per hour
Expert Witness, Investigator, Translator, etc. actual cost, up to local prevailing rate

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