Practical Resources

Miscellaneous information helpful to appellate practice.

Age and Date Calculators

  • Age Calculator – The Calculator Site provides an age calculator to help determine a defendant’s age on day of offense.
  • CCAP Calculator – The Central California Appellate Program calculator is helpful for calculating credits, determining due dates, etc.

Court Interpreters

The California courts’ website has resources for finding a court-certified interpreter. Such an interpreter works in court during oral testimony and at hearings. Translators of client letters and other documents may be available at a lower cost.

Statewide Organizations Helpful for Appellate Practice

  • California Appellate Defense Counsel: CADC is an organization of appellate panel attorneys who accept appointed appeals in California. Invaluable resources include a robust briefbank and active member forums.
  • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice: CACJ is organization of criminal defense lawyers and allied professionals advocating for criminal defense in the legislature, the courts, and the media. CACJ also provides trainings and a briefbank.
  • Office of the State Public Defender: OSPD provides training and resources for appointed counsel at both the appellate and trial level. Resources include California Racial Justice Act and PC 1172.6 sample documents, trainings, and listservs.

State Bar of California Resources

  • Ethics information: Rules, statutes, opinions, publications, other resources pertaining to ethics.
  • MCLE: Requirements, providers, calendar, FAQ for California MCLE.